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Play candy-themed and fun tile-matching games!

You must play a massive and vibrant match-three game.

  • Candy Crush Saga differs from other popular games in many ways thanks to the richness of levels and visuals.
    You have more than 200 levels to explore, and if you are not satisfied with your current results, you can revisit them to improve.
  • There is ice of all shapes on each level that must be smashed! You will never get bored.
  • Use the tools effectively to complete as many levels as possible.

Be a part of Tiffi and Mr. Toffee’s delightful journey through the sweet candy kingdom. Through hundreds of stages in this delicious puzzle adventure, navigate and scheme your way to success. The cutest game ever, right? Play this exhilarating story by yourself or with friends to see who can score the highest!

A sweet and likable puzzle game called Candy Crush Saga also includes some socially significant data. To make the different types of candies join by matching them, each player must do so; Otherwise, the candy will disappear. Each player can embark on a completely new drunken experience with over 200 game levels.

Although it is fairly easy to pick up and play the game, it is quite challenging to master. Because the object of the game is to make the candies disappear, you have to focus on how to move and connect the different colors of candies.

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There are many different game modes available in Candy Crush Saga. The most representative model is the general model, which includes a large variety of game levels. To move to the next stage, you must complete each level. In any case, you can embark on a mysterious journey through a land full of treats like jelly and candy.

The basic premise of the game is to eliminate candies that are lined up in groups of three to five. It revolves around the theme of sweets. To earn more points in the game, group candies of the same type together so that the results will be different when they explode.

The game obstacles will be unlocked one by one, and after completing fifteen stages, you can invite Facebook friends to unlock longer journeys. The first 20 obstacles are accessible immediately, but after level 35 train tickets (or maybe a boat ticket or plane ticket) are required.

With Candy Crush Saga mobile app, you can:

For unique surprises, collect sugar drops as you move down the sugar trail.
Candy-inspired visuals that will leave you wanting more
Discover delicious settings and the cutest people and use helpful magical boosts to get through challenging stages.
Complete the challenging levels to get sweets. Candy Kingdom offers hundreds of delicious levels, with new ones being introduced every two weeks.
on leaderboards where you can follow your friends and opponents!
You can easily sync the game between devices and enable all game features while connected to the internet.

Details about Candy Crush Saga mobile

  1. Create an energy candy

Add four candies either horizontally or vertically to create lines.
Wrap candy by combining two sets of three games into one action. By arranging four candies of the same color, you can create a color bomb that looks like the letter “T” or “L”, for example.

  1. Inventory of energy candies for super combinations.
  • Never use Energy Candy immediately after receiving it. Combine candy pieces to increase your power.
  • Use color bombs, jellyfish, striped candies, pink crust cupcakes, rainbow sprinkles and more.
  • To remove candies from a row or column, swap two striped candies.
  • To remove a five-by-five blast from the wrapped candies that surround it, swap two of them.
  • To get rid of all visible candies in the playing area, exchange two colored bombs. This is the strongest.
  • To remove three rows or columns of candy horizontally and vertically, replace the candy wrappers with the striped candy.
  • If you replace the striped candy with a color bomb, all the candies will be upgraded to the color of the striped candy.
  • All candies can be upgraded to the same color by exchanging the wrapped candy for a color bomb.
  1. Keep your message in mind

Don’t get distracted by making great combinations and remember your goal.
Missions include:

Level transitions. gel levels. Level timing. Ingredients drop levels, candy ranking levels, etc.

  1. Pay attention to the gel on the edge.

Due to their location, these jellies are more difficult to clean, so always keep in mind that disinfecting them first will increase your chances of winning.
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