8 Ball Pool APK Download – How to Download and Install 8 Ball Pool

Welcome to APK MOD PLUS, If you are didn’t know about how to download and install 8 Ball Pool. So you can read this blog/article than it will help you to download and install 8 Ball Pool. Play multiplayer or challenge your friends in the best pool game!

The best pool game to hone your talents is 8 ball pool software no matter what your skill level.

Play one-on-one games with your friends, challenge them and win.

Earn cool money every day and collect stuff to help you reach the top of the leaderboards and impress your friends.

In each round, choose a new type and table, and have fun in the training area.

The most popular pool game on Android is now available!

The most popular pool game on Android is now available!

Play with your friends! Enjoy the legends. On your phone, play the famous Miniclip 8 Ball Pool game to improve it.

Participate in 8 player or 1v1 tournaments

Hone your abilities in the training area, take on opponents from around the world in one-on-one matches, or participate in tournaments to earn prizes and special cues!

Participate in winning pool coins and unique items

Make your cue and table unique! Every competitive 1v1 match you play will have pool coins at stake; If you win the match, you get the coins. They can be used to buy new items in the pool shop or to enter higher level matches with bigger stakes.

Push your friends.

To challenge your friends directly from the game, log in with your Miniclip or Facebook account. Playing with friends is simple. Anytime, anywhere, challenge friends and show your ingenuity.

Step up

8 Ball you constantly have a challenge because of the billiards leveling mechanism. Play games to advance in the rankings and gain access to isolated match spots where you can compete against the best pool players.

Internet access is necessary for this game.

Support (frequently asked questions)

Why was my account flagged, for example? (Account reported or blocked)

Our system has identified accounts that have been reported as using a third party tool to modify the game in order to outpace your opponents.

If you do not use the cheat again after receiving a warning from our system, you can continue playing.

Your account will not be opened again, deactivated or its information modified if it is permanently banned. It will not be possible to create a new account using the email address associated with that account.

How do I locate the Miniclip Unique ID in 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer?

This number acts as the User ID and is generated when you initially create your Miniclip account. It remains the same during the active period of the account.

1) When your game is open, your nickname and profile picture may appear in the bottom right corner. Just click it.

2) When you click on it, your profile page will open, which displays your currency, achievements, total winnings and other information, including your unique identifier.

3) Fix lost connection issues

How to restore game server connection

There may be a problem with your local connection to our game servers if you keep getting a lost connection error notification when playing a Miniclip game.

Let’s try to determine if it’s a transient problem with your network.You might follow these steps:

1) Run a router test. Direct connection between PC and modem can work. Please note that online gaming is not suggested with wireless connections. When playing online, be sure to use a wired Internet connection for reliability;

2) For best results, close other applications (especially P2P applications) while playing;

3) Check that there are no other computers, mobile devices, or tablets on your (local) network consuming the bandwidth required to keep your connection to the game server active;

4) Check that your ISP is not limiting or blocking your connection (this happens a lot in the evenings between 5pm and 11pm) Test again during the day to determine if the problem persists.

The quality of your internet connection is tested; If he scores less than an A, you are more likely to experience a disconnect.

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Surprise Boxes – Receive parts of existing signals

Don’t worry if you get some mentions that you already have Surprise Boxes.

Surprise Boxes have a random side that works just like trading cards. The initial packs of trading cards you purchase will always contain brand new cards that you don’t own yet. You are more likely to receive duplicate cards along the way, but the more cards you have!

The same will be true for Surprise Boxes, which is why you’ll eventually receive some repeat staples. However, if this happens, you will still get an additional amount of Pool Coins to make up for it.

What’s new in the latest version 5.11.0? November 22, 2022

A new 8 Ball Pool update is expected.
Download the latest version of the game to make the most of it as a new and exciting season is approaching.
In addition, we’ve fixed some annoying issues, made various tweaks, and made 8 Ball Pool even smoother for fun.
To get the new content, download the latest version right away! It’s time to start betting!

How to Download and Install 8 Ball Pool?

First of all go to Apk Mod Plus, Search the How to download and install 8 ball pool. You will find the title click on it to open and find the download button. After downloading the apk file install in your android phone.

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